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Model S15 - Insert Earphones for fMRI Research

S15 Insert Earphone customers are asked to read, print and sign the S15 Safety Statement which details safety guidelines and best practices for use of the S15, and to email the signed copy to Sensimetrics when you place the order.

May 3, 2023: There is a delay shipping S15 units at this time.  The earliest ship date for S15 is May 22nd, 2023. 

Model S15 Insert Earphones for 3T / 7T / 9T fMRI Research

  • High-Quality Calibrated Audio
  • Flat Response Over 100Hz - 8 kHz Bandwidth
  • Output Levels in the Ear Canal up to 110 dB SPL
  • Sound Attenuation from Replaceable Comply Canal Tips
  • Custom Digital Equalization Filters
  • EQ Filtering 2.2 - Software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • MATLAB Functions for Loading S15 Filters

Model S15 System Includes

  • Binaural Earphones with 1 Meter Cables
  • 9 Meter Cable
  • Small Transformer Box
  • Custom Digital EQ Filters
  • EQ Filtering Software
  • High-Impact Carrying Case
  • 6 pairs of Comply Foam Ear Canal Tips

The S15 insert earphones provide acoustic stimulus delivery for neuroscience research using 7T and 9T fMRI scanners. The S15 earphones employ a cable that has been designed to be safe and robust against the higher RF frequency and power levels employed with higher-strength scanners.

The S15 insert earphones provide high-quality acoustic stimulus delivery while attenuating scanner noise. They are small enough to fit within any head coil, and can be covered with circumaural muffs for added protection if the coil allows. Replaceable Comply(TM) Canal Tips ensure sanitary conditions.

Frequency response equalization is achieved by pre-filtering stored digital stimuli. Equalization filters are provided and can be used either within Matlab or with a stand-alone filtering program (provided). A small power amplifier is required.

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